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The recent report which has accessed the environmental damage which has occurred around the site of two Royal Dutch Shell PLC in Nigeria a decade ago has now been worsened year by year. The main reason which was stated in the report was the delay to clean that place, and Oil Company has been accused of trying to shield it from the public view.

The spill which has occurred from the ruptured Shell pipeline has spewed thousands of barrels of oil which is spread over parts of Bodo fishing community in the crude-rich Niger Delta. The company has already reached an out of court settlement with the local community in the year 2015. It has admitted to liability and agreed to pay $80 million at the time of compensation.

The report which was published by a United Nations body in the year 2011 showed that the spill had caused extensive environmental damage around the Bodo. After four years, an assessment has done to clean up the soil contamination which had now worsened and illegal refining and oil theft have added to pollution in the area as per academic paper which was published last month.

The author of the paper has asked to distribute the findings of the papers they pointed to the significant health risk to the local community. According to the Kay Holtzmann, who is the cleanup’s project former director had said in a letter that Shell had denied him permission to publish the result of the study in the scientific journal.

The academic study results showed that the site has no new facts and the soil contamination in Bodo had been tripled since the original UN probe. The cleanup process had started in Bodo from last year, and the first phase is expected to be completed next month. As per Shell, it said that the increase in pollution is due to illegal refining, theft, and sabotage.

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