Police-ATS Come Together To Protect The Sunday Mass Prayer At Kowad Village In Kolhapur
Image Source: Firstpost

Kolhapur: It is suspected that more than 12 unidentified people were involved in the attack and they ran out toward Belgaum in Karnataka. Kolhapur police and Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) joined hand together to stop this Sunday mass prayer meet attack at Kowad village. Five teams have been formed to investigate the attack in Kowad village and the teams are focusing its search in the border areas of Belgaum and Kolhapur.

According to the report, people were attacked by a group of people during the prayer meet at the residence of Bhimsen Chavan on the Karnataka border at least 12 people have injured when they were attacked. The attack took palace in the afternoon, a group of 10-15 people covered their face by the mask armed with swords and iron rods reached Bhimsen Chavan on motorcycles and attacked and started threw the stone on people who were attending the prayer. According to the police, Bhimsen Chavan regularly organises the Sunday prayer at his residence, around 40 people had joined the Sunday mass prayer.

The ATS and the crime branch of the Kolhapur were working together in close coordination and in sustained touch with Belgaum Police commissioner, office and Belgaum. According to the police report, the attackers also tried to move into the house, but some women who came in the mass congregation defend themselves by throwing chilli powder on them and forced the attackers to back off. Belgaum rural police are investigating to finding the accused.

According to the victim’s all accused had covered their face by cloth, by which no one can identify them, according to the police they might be the locals of Belgaum or from any violent group. But people of Belgaum give a statement to the police that they have seen them absconding toward Belagaum. So police are focusing their search on the border area of Belgaum and Kolhapur, said by Kolhapur SP Abhinav Deshmukh.


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