Plastic fighting pipe ‘Wilson’ is set to collect trash pile in the Pacific Ocean
Image Source: The Financial Express

A plastic fighting pipe named ‘Wilson’ is all set to start its mission of collecting plastic present in the Pacific Ocean. The 2000 foot long floating pipe is ready to take on the biggest ocean trash pile on the planet, “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” present between Hawaii and San Francisco and is estimated to be of double the size of the state Texas.

The pipe, which was unveiled by the Ocean Cleanup foundation in the previous month, comprises of a ten feet deep net just below it, which is designed specifically to capture the pile of plastic that is floating under the surface of the water. The U-shaped pipe will be installed at the destination on Tuesday and will instantly start the cleaning process, as per a spokesperson of the company.

The u-shaped floating pipe uses the surface waves and wind power to sweep the region and gather the plastic trash. A boat will be coming back to the area where the pipe is installed in every few months to eliminate the collected plastic waste and take the head back to the ocean shore. The major aim of the initiative is to recycle the collected plastic trash properly and develop new items.

Nearly 150 million tonnes of plastic waste is present in the oceans across the world, with the figure expected to grow rapidly in the coming decade. Such kind of trash disposal poses serious impacts for Earth’s climate change, the marine animals as well as industries like tourism and fishing. Moreover, such high trash levels can also severely affect human health if the plastic wasteland in the food which we consume.

A lot of research and tests have been conducted by the Ocean Cleanup Project team since the last 5 years. The team hopes that the floating pipe will be able to collect around 50 tonnes of plastic trash until April 2019 and cleanup 90% of the plastic in the world’s ocean by the year 2040.

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