There is good news for Vegans that now they also can enjoy the taste of non-vegetarian foods as it is assumed that the meat or other non-veg items will bring from plants the taste will be the same. However, you have to wait for long as it is expected that it will happen in 2040. It is predicted by a report that ensures that 60% of meat has not come from the butcher house. The animal will not harm more to satisfy the taste buds. It will either grown in vats or plant-based products will take place of the flesh.

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According to a report based on the expert interviews of Global consultancy that shows regular meat production influencing heavily on the environment and some people are also concerned for the welfare of industrial farming based animals. “The large-scale livestock industry is viewed by many as an unnecessary evil,” the report says. “With the advantages of novel vegan meat replacements and cultured meat over conventionally produced meat, it is only a matter of time before they capture a substantial market share.”

Because of the regular production of meat that elevates a huge number of animals and turns over $1tn annually. The environment has been affected by the regular production that made its impact on the plain in recent research shows that from the sliding that moves the climate crisis to wild habitats destroyed from farmland and the pollution of river and oceans.

Some of the companies already adopt the habit to replace meat in their shops that include Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Just Foods. These food making companies are using vegetarian ingredients to replace burgers, scrambled eggs and other non-vegan foods that consumers are increasing swiftly. It is assumed that around 2040 these products will completely overtake the meat because of its taste and feel of conventional meat.


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