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On this World Environment Day, pollution by plastic has grabbed the world’s attention. Plastic has been discovered before 100 years, and now we are addicted to it. It is impossible for one to go a single day without seeing any form of plastic. This has to lead to a lot of unchecked production, and it leads to a lot of pollution.

When this plastic thing comes in contact with the environment, it enters our food chain, and it increases the microplastic particles which turned up in our stomachs, blood and lungs and Scientists are only now started to study the potential health impacts. They need consumers, business and government have to step up with urgent action to halt this crisis of consumption of single-use and throwaway plastic. The Earth is also now suffering from the climate change, and it creates a new space for innovation and also some species in this process.

The researchers have said that till now we have produced roughly about nine billion tonnes of plastic. For example, we use straw in our drink for some just minutes, but when it goes to the environment, it lasts forever. When we bring something from malls and the polythene bag that we throw after using it usually finds its way to oceans, and it kills more than 100,000 marine animals annually.

As per the new study, it shows that the global plastic production will be an all-time high in the next 10-15 years. This year the manufactures will be producing about 360m tonnes of plastic, and the production of plastic will reach to 500m by 2025 and to 619m tonnes by 2030. On this environment day, the world now pledges to contain the plastic use and to beat the plastic pollution.



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