Real flux capacitor,

In new research, which was done by a group of actual physicists who are from Australia and Switzerland have developed a device which uses the magnetic flux of quantum tunneling which is present around the capacitor and breaking time-reversal symmetry.

This new research was published in the Physical Review Letters, which shows that this is the new generation of electronic circulators. These type of devices can control the direction in which the microwave signals move. The scientist who has proposed this model has shown two different potential circuits.

This research was conducted on building this device, and it is due to result of the joint venture between the Center for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET) and the Australian Research Council Centers of Excellence: the Center for Engineered Quantum Systems(EQUS).

As per Professor Tom Stace who is from the University of Queensland points out that the flux capacitor will not have the same capabilities as that of Back to the Future have, and it can’t allow anyone to travel back in time. He said, “Unfortunately this effect does not allow us actually to travel back in time. Instead, it means that signals circulate the circuit in only one direction, much like cars on a roundabout.”

Such device can be used to isolate the parts of the experimental apparatus which are from each other, and this is crucial when the individual parts are extremely sensitive quantum systems. According to Dr. Mueller, “Our research makes an important step towards scaling up this technology, where researchers need to precisely direct control and measurement signals around a quantum computer.” This technology can lead to better radar as well as improved WiFi and mobile antennas. This proposed device will be soon boom for quantum computing, where researchers need to direct signals with precision.



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