Paris climate change,Environment

In a new study which was published in the journal Nature on Wednesday states, about the first look at how the global economic output will be affected by the different factors like global warming. This will provide policymakers with the benefits of the cost.

The study has involved the climatic change which occurs in about 165 countries during the year 1960 to 2010. The result which the researchers have found that the climate is getting warms due to the increase in the number of greenhouse gases in the air and it will make the economic output in the countries less. China, Japan, and the US, which are said to be the world’s biggest economies will also get affected if the global temperatures get raised by two or four degrees Celsius.

Paris climate change,Environment

If we meet the Paris climatic goals by 2100, then we can limit the warming of the temperature to 1.5-degreeCelsius rather than going to 2-degreeCelsius. This will help in providing the benefits to the global economy which will be more than $20 trillion. &0 percent of countries with 90 Percent of world’s population have got the high chance of experiencing the reduced economic damages.

According to the Marshall Burke of Stanford University, US said, “Over the past century we have already experienced a 1-degree increase in global temperature, so achieving the ambitious targets laid out in the Paris Agreement will not be easy or cheap. We need a clear understanding of how much economic benefit we’re going to get from meeting these different targets.”

The Standford climate scientist and co-author of study Noah Diffenbaugh said that the change in climate condition would be responsible to higher levels of warming which will occur unpredictably and it will cause more damage to the human kind by rapid melting of ice sheets.


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