Oumuamua, a mystery interstellar asteroid can be a giant alien solar sail
Image Source: Daily Mail Online

As per the researchers, they have now said that these mysterious visitor known as Oumuamua may have been said to be an ancient alien ship. This asteroid is said to be the first known the interstellar object that is travelling through the solar system for the search of solar sail and to look for the signs of life.

It has been said that this mysterious asteroid Oumuamua has been said to be getting analyzed by the astronomers who all are from the Harvard Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (CfA).

During the last year, it has been seen that this asteroid has appeared without any warning, and then it zip through the solar system which is from above. After some months of analysis about the little data that was collected, the scientists have then declared this as the comet in June.

As per the researcher, Abraham Loeb, he said in a statement that they need to explain the excess of acceleration of Oumuamua who is away from the sun as the sun exerts maximum force on the surface.  If this force needs to explain, then they measured with some excess acceleration in which the object needs to be extremely thin as well as in order of fraction which is due to the millimetre in thickness to about tens of meters in size. This thing will make the object lightweight which is said to be on the surface area as it allows it to act like a light-sail.

Earlier in the year 2018, NASA has confirmed that the observations which are from Hubble Space Telescope have said to be confirmed about the object which had an unexpected boost in speed as well as the shift in trajectory as it passes through the inner solar system. It has been concluded by scientists that they might be using solar radiation to propel itself to move forward.


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