OSIRIS , Asteroid Bennu, NASA
ImageSource: The Verge

This was the first ever US mission to release an unmanned ship a couple of years back to visit asteroids. The spaceship is also scheduled to bring back some dust back to earth. The sample of dust will be brought back to earth to help study in details about the objects. This is the smallest object ever to be encircled by a man-made spaceship. This was the unmanned ship that took of a couple of years back from Cape Canaveral in Florida on 3rd of December to its destination to a distance of 110 kilometers away.

After a very thorough study, the spaceship made its way into the orbit of Bennu at about 2:43 pm. From the study, the measure of the asteroid is estimated to be about 500 meters in diameter. The entrance into the orbit of the asteroid is an achievement that is applauded all over the world. Dante Lauretta, the principal investigator of OSI-Rex at the University of Arizona also happened to applaud the achievement of the project a lot.

NASA seemed to be satisfied to the fullest with the achievement of the project and said that these breaking ways into the orbit of Bennu mark a leap to mankind as there was no spacecraft ever who was so close to such a small object in space. This is considered as an achievement because the object is quite small and thus the gravity of it is small as well which falls short to make the spaceship stable.

The project has successfully managed to capture the pictures of the asteroid from the distance of about a mile from the center. There happened to be a spacecraft released by the European Space Agency in the May month of the year 2016 that orbited a comet, but it encircled the comet from a distance of good four miles from the center.

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