Octopus, Alien,

A new study suggests that the octopuses along with some species of squids and cuttlefish can edit their RNA. Scientists have found that this particular feature which is there in the octopuses are very strange and unique.

A study which was conducted in April 2017 reveals this feature in the octopuses. RNA is a single-stranded molecule which carries the genetic material which is same as DNA and DNA are double-stranded. The main work of RNA is to transmit the genetic information to produce the proteins that are required.

Scientists now started to study the octopuses and seeing them as alien life. Octopuses are colorful creatures with eight to ten limbs and have a central hand along with huge eyes. They have a strange ability to edit the own bodies which help them to adapt and survive any climate and any condition. The evolution of them occurs with each genetic mutations and the change in the DNA with time. This result in contrasting the changes in the animal but octopuses are different, and they don’t follow this trend.

Octopus, Alien,

Common squid which has cephalopods have some 60 percent of RNA in its nervous system, and it started to accept the DNA a long time ago. This feature in them might have helped them to shift the temperatures and other capabilities. Researchers also found that one of the species of cuttlefish and two species of the octopus has the same ability. This change in RNA technique is also found in the coleoid cephalopods.

The research paper was published in the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. This paper includes the discussion about how Cambrian Explosion has resulted in the existence of life in the form of retroviruses. It also says that it might be possible that the eggs from outside may have fallen to earth. As a result, these species have taken birth in the Earth.

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