North Korea is on low for TB meds, epidemic may occur
Image Source: Bristol Herald Courier

In the latest development, tensions are running high on North Korea with the withdrawal of the major international aid organization as they now threaten to leave about tens thousands of TB patients in North Korea without giving them any medication that they need for the disease. It is now said that if this happens, then it will be a big crisis for the country.

This has occurred when there is a decrease in the stockpile of crucial medications as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, malaria and TB. In June, it has been said that the support for it has been suspended during the last year. In North Korea, the US-based non-profit Eugene Bell Foundation is said to be working on the ground treating of TB in the country.

On Friday, it has been said that the crisis has been compounded by US-led sanctions which are said to be over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons as well as another missile program. It has now been said that due to the loss of the Global Fund grants which is for the DPRK, it was expected that about 50-75 per cent in the reduction of the treatment capacity which is for non-MDR-TB patients. Park has said this.

The model that is predicting about this is said to between 155,000 to 210,000 will die from TB-related causes which is within five years. This has been said that the TB that arises due to the drug-resistant has resulted from the patients who all don’t take any type of proper amount or even the combination of this kind of medications. This type of medications is said to be helpful in curing the TB in a better way. This disease can even spread with anyone who will come in contact with the affected people.

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