NOAA, El nino

In a recent development, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a fresh warning about the El Nino watch. This means that the conditions are now favorable for El Nino to get developed in the tropical Pacific Ocean which is within the next six months.

The eastern tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures watchers are now in work and saying the El Nino effect will come back later this year. The climate condition has started to get warmer than the normal waters which are present in the eastern tropical Pacific, and it alters the weather conditions which are around the world which might happen later this year. As per NOAA, they have announced the watch on Thursday and said that there is about 50 percent chance El Nino conditions will befall. This condition will go up by 65 percent when the winter comes.

The agency said that the conditions are for the development of El Nino is favorable within the next six months. The models are showing that weak to moderate El Nino can be formed, and it is very early to speculate on the favor of El Nino, and we could get, and it is as useful as definitively, and Lebron is going to end up.

If El Nino formed, then it would follow one of the most intense events on record, and it will team up with long-term climate change which might lead to the warmest year which was ever recorded. It depends on the exact location in the Pacific and the intensity with which the climate phenomenon can re-order for the weather patterns which is around the world. It can contribute to increasing in upper atmospheric winds which is over the tropical Atlantic, and it weakens the hurricanes and helps in keeping the number of storms low. This pattern is known as the Pacific Meridional Mode. If El Nino happened then, it means more precipitation which will along the southern tier of the US and drier conditions occur in the Northwest during the winter.  

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