Amber, fossil

In discovery, the researchers have found that during the Cretaceous period of giant dinosaurs which includes Tyrannosaurus rex these, small tropical frogs also love around them. Frogs are usually found in the wet tropical forests, and there are nearly about 7,000 species of the frog who live in wet forests.

It is usually believed that these early amphibians are impossible to track due to small in size and their biology and they usually don’t fossilize easily, and most of the remains of extinct species of frogs are long gone. The records for the amphibians are from the wet tropical environments, and they have been nearly non-existent which has left the palaeontologists with few clues during the early evolution of frogs.

In a recent discovery, it was seen that the extinct of Electrorana limoae frog was found in modern-day Myanmar and it was permanently trapped in sticky amber. After 99 million years, the remains of the fossilized amber has been discovered in northern Myanmar, and it has now been well preserved as the evidence shows that the frogs lived in wet and tropical forests. This study was published in Nature.

It is seen that the frogs are usually said to be a tropical species, and for the first evidence, scientists have back up this information. This preserved frog is complete with its head, body, hands and arms and all these are intact until now. This will help them to study how the adapted frogs are adapting to the tropical environments. There are also other fossils which are found in the area, and they have helped the scientists to be known about the region and the mosses, aquatic spiders, bamboos like plants and velvet worms.

The co-author of the new research and also herpetologist, David Blackburn said that it is unexpected to get a fossil of the frog in this present world and this fossil is well preserved all the small bones. The most exciting thing about this is frogs are part of the tropical ecosystem, and it might have not different to what we usually find today.


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