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New Zealand’s recycling sector has been in crisis, and the government of New Zealand needs help in the sector as China which is the major buyer of the recycled products has imposed some new guidelines on the imports of the recycling products. This has made both demand and prices of the material to fall, and this lead to strain in New Zealand mixed paper and mixed plastic recycling industries.

According to the Paul Evans, who is the WasteMINZ chief executive said that the without any positive action to the address about the issue and all the recyclable material could be sent to the landfill and councils and communities who are involved in this will suffer from financial conditions and all the operations of the business.

New Zealand had been sending about 15 million kilograms which worth around NZ $21 million which is about a year waste to China, and it is mostly paper and plastics which are piling up as waste companies had scrambled to divert it to the processors in South-East Asia.

As per the Eugenie Sage, who is the Associate Minister for the Environment said that the ban would have a greater impact than the industry which is expected and we need to coordinate all are responses from the central and local government along with business and waster sectors.

As per the survey by the WasterMINZ, they found that about 82 percent of councils have surveyed and are struggled with the Chinese restrictions on 3-7 plastics and they are selling them at lower prices as the products get stockpiled, or they have struggled to find the buyers.

The report also states that the current model is not economically sustainable and it drove too far. All the materials are collected due to the public desire for recycling, but the demand for the materials is not necessarily there.


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