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This beginning of the year has been able to witness spectacular things around regarding the space research. There are spectacular experiences and at the same time, the year ahead is all stuffed with adventured for the astronomy lovers out there. Many things will be remarkable in this year as those of the launch of Space X and eclipses, and the list is just unending if you are astronomy freak then there many dates which are coming ahead on your way which will require to mark on the calendar.

You will happen to find a year full of treats as it seems. According to the report, the New Horizons space probe will fly a craft by the Kuiper Belt. This is a region that is far away from the solar system that exists beyond the location of the eight planets. The very first day of the year witnessed a record breaker in the space researches.

This has been the very first time a satellite has been flown at such a great distance. This was also the very first satellite that happened to encircle a small space object at such a close distance. This project is so much applauded because the asteroid body is way smaller. This is why the body has a very small gravitational force which is not at all enough to make the spacecraft stable.

On the 1st of January, the unmanned spacecraft happened to encircle the Ultima Thule which is located about a billion miles away beyond Pluto. The most awaited event will happen on the mid of January when the moon will go all red during the eclipse. A closer approach to the sun is also to be made on the fourth of April. In addition to that, a planetary alignment is also on its way on November.


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