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Wildbook uses AI to convert whale-watching and safari photos into a new type of tool to track threatened animal species

People uses Facebook to connect with friends, family members and old fires, and now they can use another Facebook which helps wildlife researchers and conservationists keep tabs on endangered animals.

The purpose of a new website created by Wildbook, Non-Profit Group Wild Me is to promote crowds of animals taken in the wild by researchers, students and people who want to document every minute of our holidays.

Using open-source software and artificial intelligence, the Wildbook not only receives data from photos uploaded by animals. It also searches for images and media on Flicker for video on YouTube, such as whale-watching tours and leisure safaris which can be useful for their study.

This deep learning approach enables Wild box to find the same exact animal in various images, which will help researchers know about the health of animals, eating habits, hunting patterns, size of the population, and potentially hunt activity. Can also help in using accurate data.

While uploading photos of animals, users can also include extra data like animal sex, estimated age, location, and other animals nearby.

Since each animal receives its personal profile – as a human being on Facebook – researchers can decide to focus more on a specific animal within a species.

In addition to the Wild book, Wild Me has another special site named Fluckbook, which is to report the sight of whales, dolphins and other marine life.

Both Facebook and Instagram are making part to help in the sale of endangered animals, as well as encourage users to inform about any illegal acts about wildlife documented through photos. Are there.


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