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In discovery, the team of researchers has identified the “fingerprints” of about multiple metals which are present in one of the least dense exoplanets. The group of researchers comprised from the University of Cambridge and the Institute de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) in Spain, and they have taken the help of the Gran Telescope Canarias (GTC) to observe WASP-127b.

The exoplanet WASP-127b was a giant gaseous planet which has partly clear skies and also shows the string signatures about the presence of metals in the atmosphere. It has the radius of about 1.4 times larger than the Jupiter, but the mass of it has only 20 percent of its mass. This type of planet has got no analogue in our solar system, and it is very rare even in the groups of thousands of exoplanets that are present in the system. This exoplanet takes only four days to orbit around the parent star, and the surface temperature is said to be about 1400 K.

When the researchers have observed this exoplanet, it revealed the presence of the large concentration of alkali metals which are present in the atmosphere and it allows to detect the gases like sodium, lithium, and potassium. The absorption of the potassium and sodium are very broad and its characteristics due to the clear atmospheres.

According to the model work which is done by the researchers, the skies of the WASP-127b is said to be about 50 percent clear. The lead author of the study, Dr.Guo Chen, who is the postdoctoral researcher at IAC said that this type of characteristics of a planet helps the researchers to study about it in rich atmospheric composition. The presence of Lithium on the planet is the first step which will help in understanding the history of the planetary system, and it will help in shedding the mechanisms of the planet formation.


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