Nazar Written Updates: Full Episode of Nazar TV Serial Written Update Of 18 July 2019
Image Source: Hotstar

In the last written update of  Nazar episode, Mohana and Divya get to know that this sword is not original. So Mohana and Divya altogether ask Ansh that where is the original sword but Ansh didn’t tell them that where is the original sword. Now in the lates Nazar episode of 18 July 2019, Mohona and Divya together through that fake sword at family members and again ask Ansh to tell where that the sword is but Ansh replied I knew it before this happen that’s why he hides that sword from everyone. In the next screen, Nishant and Saavi get back to their senses. And they know who control both of them. But they don’t know why Divya did that. Now, Ansh told Mohana and Divya that I also don’t know where is that sword as Ansh handed that sword to Pandit Ji. But Mohana and Divya start laughing because Mohana said that for finding Pandit Ji they both together can easily find that sword.

In the very next screen of Nazar episode of 18 July 2019, Sanam, Sanam’s husband, and Guru Maa are waiting for Panna to come for taking other Diamonds from there house and they have also made plan to kill Panna. In the next screen, Nishant says sorry to everyone but everybody says why are you saying that because Nishant is not in his own control as Nishant and Saavi was in Divya’s control. Devshree told Nishant everything that Ansh told Mohana and Divya that sword is with Pandit Ji, but Ansh interrupts Devshree and told everyone that he has told lie to Mohana and Divya. Ansh told that the sword is within the house only.

Now, Nishant asks for oil, sunflower seed, and nail from Devshree as Nishant will make a trap for Mohana and Divya. But Piya was in a dilemma so Ansh asked her why are so confuse, if the fight gets started between Riva Vanshi and Dayan Vanshi then what step I should take, Piya ask from Ansh. Piya also said that whether I have to fight against you or fight from your side. Then Ansh told Piya that you have to do what is right for our family. In the next screen of Nazar today’s episode, Panna was entring in the room but Panna saw the door open and then Panna doesn’t move into the room. Stay tuned with us for more written updates of Nazar episode.


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