Nazar written updates of 19 July 2019
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In the Star Plus, Hindi Serial Nazar, Ansh asked Piya why are you so confused, then Piya asks Ansh if the fight gets started between Riva Vanshi and Dayan Vanshi then what step I should take, Piya also said that whether I have to fight against you or fight from your side. Then Ansh told Piya that you have to do what is right for our family. Now in the latest Start Plus Hindi Serial Nazar written episode of 19 July 2019, Ansh, and Piya was convincing everyone to go somewhere else and also take Aditya because of Mohana and Divya as they when they both will not able to find that sword they will come back and definitely, hurt all of you because all of you are humans. And Piya also tells the consequences of staying at home and Piya tell that both of them are very dangerous because of them are world’s most powerful Riva Vanshi and second is world’s most powerful Dayan Vanshi.

But in reply, Devshree replied that we will not hide and we are not going anywhere from this house. And after Chaitali and Avinash also said we are not going anywhere. Then all family members take an oath that they all will die together and live together.

In the next screen of Nazar episode, Panna breaks the window glass and try to enter the room but Panna got stuck as Sanam has made a trap there. In the next screen of Nazar episode, Ansh, Piya, Devshree, Shekhar was creating a trap in which they wan to trap Mohana and Divya. Next screen, Divya and Mohana ask Dayan Vrikash (Tree) that where are that sword and they come to know that the sword is in the Rathore family house. And they went to Rathore’s house and fight with a whole family.

In the next screen of Nazar written episode of 19 July 2019, Sanam and Panna lost their powers and Trikon diamond was taking their power back and now they search for Trikon diamond. Stay with us for more Star Plus Hindi Serial Nazar written updates.


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