NASA’s Supersonic Mars Parachute Has Set An Exhilarating Record
Image Source: NDTV Gadgets

When you have got billions of dollars for an investment, you want to buy the best of things for your requirement. NASA did the same. NASA had a staggering amount of $2.4 billion for its mission, and they got themselves the best parachute that money could buy for landing the invaluable rover swiftly to Red Planet aka the Mars’ surface.

According to the recent revelation of NASA, its Mars 2020 parachute which is named as Friday is all ready for the mission. Friday had also set a world record when it was getting tested on 7th of September 2018. NASA said that in the history of inflation, the Mars 2020 has the fastest inflation given its massive size. Friday, in turn, created a peak load force of around 70,000 pounds.

Reportedly, the parachute, Friday was taken onto a ride on one of the sounding rockets which were deployed in the climatic conditions similar to the atmosphere of Mars. In a matter of four-tenths of one second. The parachute of 180 pounds bulged out from a solid cylinder to completely inflated structure, according to NASA.

In the series test runs of the project Jet Propulsion Laboratory Parachute Inflation Research Experiment (ASPIRE), this was the third time that Friday was up for a test run. On the other hand, back in late 2017, NASA has released a video of the preliminary test of ASPIRE. The parachute that has been finalized is a reinforced version of the used parachute which was once used to deliver the Mars rover safely to the surface of the Mars.

Nasa has also released a snippet which was intended to show the tests, and the test makes parachute look likes a Jellyfish from outer space. The Nex-Gen Mars 2020 rover is designed and based out of Curiosity rover. The Mars 2020 rover is designed to look out for the signs of past microbial life, and in the meantime, it will also collect samples and place the samples in a cache.

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