NASA's photographer camera toasted in rocket launch bushfire

SpaceX rocket launch on May 22nd had left one high-end camera disfigured, and it ruined it forever. NASA now released a statement about the incident and how does it happen.

Bill Ingalls, who is the space and aeronautics agency’s photographer, had got only one task that day, and that is to capture the launch. His efforts and creative way of getting the unique images are well known among the agency. One can also see his photos by following him on social media, and he knows where to place the camera in such a way that it will give a unique set of images.

Bill has 30 years of experience in clicking the images of the launches, but on that day he too doesn’t have any means to stop this event in which his camera got melted due to the bushfire which was started after the launch. He said, “I had six remotes, two outside the launch pad safety perimeter and four inside. Unfortunately, the launch started a grass fire that toasted one of the cameras outside the perimeter.”

The main reason behind the camera melting is due to the presence of heavy bush around the camera. When the rocket launched from the launch pad, the blast has started a fire which the quickly spreads to the boundaries of the launch zones. So, when the fire reached the camera, it was quickly engulfed, and the body of the camera started to melt. The firefighters have reached the spot to douse the flames but when they found the camera it was too late, and when Ingalls reached the site he was handed over the melted camera.

Ingalls who got shocked after seeing this quickly tried to force open the camera and to check whether the memory card is still there in good condition or not and to his luck, the memory card is perfectly fine, and he retrieved it to see the images.


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