NASA's Orion went for the final test before Moon Mission
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In the latest development, it was found that NASA has now successfully done the first test to qualify the flights for the astronauts. This was done before the mission in which NASA plans to send the humans to the Moon and also far from it, as said by the US space agency.

In this test, the scientists have examined the performance of Orion’s parachute system which is said to be landed normally in sequences along with several failure scenarios. There are also a variety of potential aerodynamic conditions to ensure astronauts that they can return to Earth from deep space missions safe as well as sound. This has undergone about eight tests at the US Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

As per Orion Program Manager Mark Kirasich, said that they are now working hard not to make sure that Orion is ready for the flight but they are too making sure that it will bring back the astronauts to Earth safely. The parachute system that is present in the Orion is said to b complex which helps in evaluating the parachutes that are repeatedly going through the test series that gives us the confidence that can easily get ready for any kind of landing day situation.

When the final test was done on 12th September 2018, a mock Orion was pulled out which is from the cargo bay of a C-17 aircraft which can fly high than 6.5 miles. This protective ring is said to be present around the top of Orion which covers the parachute system which was jettisoned and then pulled away by the first set of Orion parachutes. After this, all the remaining parachutes are deployed in precise sequence. The system has got about 11 parachutes along with series of cannon-like mortars, pyrotechnic bolt cutters and 30  miles of Kevlar lines.

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