NASA’s Opportunity Rover in hibernation after storm rage on Mars

Mars is currently under the grip of the storm, and the storm has started since June 1st, 2018. NASA will be delivering major news on this red planet storm at 1:30 PM EDT on Wednesday. In this news, it expected that NASA would be saying about the future preparation for the ongoing mission.

The Mars storm which was appeared on June 1st, 2018 has blown across the surface of the red planet with a haze of dust as it was seen in images which were sent by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. This type of storm was common on Mars, and it happens every year and lasts for some weeks.

On June 6th, 2018, the dust storm has blown so much dust that the thickness of the dust in the sky of Mars is such that it stops the sun rays to reach its surface and as a result, it dims the light on the planet. NASA’s Opportunity rover uses solar energy with the help of its solar panels to power itself. This decrease in solar lights is now affecting the rover, and the output of the Opportunity’s solar panels has been decreased a lot.

To keep rover and alive and to save the rest of the power, NASA researchers have already shut down the robot’s science operations. Now, the main focus of NASA is not about gathering the data but to keep the Opportunity alive on the soils of the Mars. Opportunity uses solar energy to do its operation and to keep itself warm in the dipping temperatures. The availability of fewer sunlight means, the rover will find it difficult to keep itself warm in the cold atmosphere

NASA’s Curiosity rover which was located on the other side of the planet is helping scientists to track the dust storm, and this rover has got nuclear reactor which provides energy to it. But, Opportunity rover solely depends on solar power for its energy.

NASA is now trying everything to keep rover alive during this storm. It does not want that it will also die like its older cousins due to lack of power.

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