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Anita Sengupta handles NASA’s aim to create the coldest spot in the universe. She is an Indian-American woman who is the main brain behind the NASA’s latest physics experiment which will be taken place in the space. The Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) is said to be about 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of the space.

The CAL is headed to ISS where the researchers will study the results which will happen when atoms get too much cold. Anita Sengupta has managed the Cold Atom Laboratory from 2012 to 2017, which is a laser cooling quantum physics facility for the ISS. The laboratory is said to boost sensors, atomic clocks and quantum computers which are used in spacecraft.

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According to NASA, it said, “CAL will make it possible to observe these ultra-cold atoms much longer in the microgravity environment.” Dr Anita clarified that  by saying, “It is not changing the atmosphere inside of the ISS, only within the self-contained experiment.” The main aim of the CAL is to cool down the temperature to about billionth of degree which is above the absolute zero, and it is less about the air conditioning and is more about the eliminating as much as possible. When the CAL starts the experiment on Bose-Einstein, it condensates the exotic forms of matter which appear only at the extremely cold temperatures.

On Earth, this is not possible as they will collapse in just seconds after attempting that while in space they will exist for next ten seconds or more. This time will provide the scientists with better opportunity at studying them and calculating the result.

Anita Sengupta, the former NASA scientist father, is from West Bengal and has a strong connection with India. She is currently the senior vice president of Virgin Hyperloop One.


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