NASA's Juno spacecraft captures brown barge on Jupiter
Image Source: NASA

In the latest development, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has now beamed back an image which is said to be a long as well as brown oval which is called as the brown barge. It is said to be an elusive atmospheric feature which is present in Jupiter’s South Equatorial belt.

These brown barges are cyclonic regions which usually lie within the Jupiter’s dark North Equatorial Belt. They have sometimes found in this similarly dark South Equatorial belt as well. It has been seen that they can able to detect it visually as the color of the blends is dark in the surroundings. In this image, it shows that the dark belt material recedes which creates a lighter colored background which is against the brown barge which is more conspicuous. This kind of brown barges is usually dissipating after they have got the entire cloud belt which undergoes an upheaval as well as reorganizes itself.

Juno has been orbiting around the Jupiter planet since July 2016. It has taken this latest picture on 6th September 2018 which is at the distance of about 7,425 miles which is from the planet’s cloud tops. The citizen scientists Kevin M. Gill created this new color-enhanced image of the storm. They can use the data which is from the spacecraft’s Juno,  and this is accessible to the public. In the statement by NASA, it said that the first close-up view of this atmospheric phenomenon is by providing an unprecedented glimpse of this detailed structures which lies within the storm.


In the latest JunoCam image showcases, it shows that Jupiter is home to the variety of the large atmospheric structures. They are all in addition to the Great Red Spot as well as to the Great White Spot. It also includes an intense swirling activity near the gas giant’s poles as well as the equator.


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