telescope, NASA

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has sent the images of the spiral galaxy which is located about 100 million light-years away from the constellation Cetus. This galaxy is said to be separated from the dark space in about two parts which are high in concentration of bright stars.

This galaxy known as NGC 1032, is actually a spectacular spiral galaxy but from the Earth, the galaxy has the vast disk of gas, dust, and stars and it can be seen on edge. The Scientists if the US agency said that this beautiful image of the spiral galaxy doesn’t do any justice to all the galaxy who are present there and are appealing.

Hubble telescope, NASA

In the image, one can see the other galaxies which are there in the background, and it is scattered around the narrow strip of NGC 1032. The galaxies which are seen in the image has oriented face-on or at tilted angles, and it shows the glamorous spiral arms and the bright cores. Such type of orientations which provide the detailed study about the arms and their nuclei. This type of structures help the researchers and give them an overall idea about the stars which are distributed through the sky, and it also helps them to measure the height of the disk and the bright star-studded core.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in the year 1990, and till now it is one of the biggest telescopes that is present in space.  Hubble Telescope has helped many scientists in exploring the deep corner of the universe, and it has beamed back about millions of stunning shots in the entire period of its career. But, this will be getting replaced by the James Webb Telescope in the year 2018, and this telescope will have a larger lens which is about thrice the size of the Hubble telescope.


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