NASA's Hubble Telescope return to normal operations
Image Source: Ars Technica

The famous NASA’s Hubble Telescope has now back to do all the normal work which is said to be after a failed orienting tool which has forced all the engineers to put it in the safe mode. The space agency said this in a statement.

NASA said that it has now brought the seven-year-old Hubble Telescope’s gyroscope to life. The backup gyroscope has been developed some issues. As a result, the telescope has gone to the safe mode which has occurred during the earlier month. This gyro device is said to be measuring the speed of the spacecraft and at what speed it is turning as well as it is needed to help Hubble turn as well as lock on the new targets.

In a press release from the NASA, it has been said in that release that, the agency has attempted to correct the high rates that are produced by the gyroscope. The team has executed a running start of the gyro on 16th October. In this attempt, the gyro was switched off for about one second only and then it was turned on, and the wheel spun down.

This has done to clear the faults that may have present in the gyro which has occurred during the startup on 6th October. The result of this has shown that there is no improvement in any performance of the gyro.

On 18th October, the team of Hubble then commanded to turn the spacecraft in the opposite direction to clear any blockage which may have been caused the float to get off-centre as well as to produce it exceedingly in high rates. During this each manoeuvre, the gyro is said to have got switched from high to low mode to clear the blockage. After this all now the gryo is working properly, and it is back to life.


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