Nasa, Mars

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity will again schedule to start drilling on the surface of the Red Planet. This is possible if the remote fix which is developed by the researchers will rectify the issue which has caused in the Curiosity in 2016.

A report which says that the Curiosity’s rover drill has suffered a glitch while it is drilling on the planet during the year 2016. The rover has got a 7-foot long robotic arm which has suffered a glitch and then it was decommissioned till the mission team who all are responsible for the operations of the rover find a permanent solution to this issue. The team has finally found a new technique which will be tried very soon on the rover present in the Mars and will try to bring the drill back to normal, which will allow the researchers to conduct the future analysis on the soil of the Mars.

Nasa, Mars

The remote fix is now tested at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA in Pasadena. This technique is known as the Feed Extended Drilling (FED), and it is tested at the facility. FED is a technique in which a person will be drilling a hole in the surface of the Earth by applying some degree of force in the drill. This force will help to drill easily and efficiently. The rover is said to be using the same process to drill the surface of the red planet.

When the above technique failed to perform to the efficiency which was planned by the engineers of the Curiosity, then they came with the plan to bring another element which will be providing a hammering force on the drill and ultimately will help in the bore the hole on the surface without any complication. This technique is also the part of the Curiosity rover, and it allows the rover to drill a bore of about 2.5 inches deep in the rocks as per its original drilling technique. They have tested this technique at the JPL lab, and this experiment was successful.


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