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Image Source: The New York Times Post

The New Horizons spacecraft sends the images of Ultima Thule which is an asteroid and is beyond the solar system. This is the farthest most reached cosmic body ever observed by a spaceship. There were many images but one of which gave an idea to the scientist that the asteroid is fully taking the shape of a cute snowman. The Ultima Thule is located four billion miles away from the sun and is an icy body in the space.

The NASA scientists announced this on Monday that the asteroid looked like that of a snowman. Various images which were signaled by the spaceship was studied in details by the scientists of NASA where there happened to find the asteroid is made up of two lobes or spheres which are stuck together and are gravitated towards each other. This was a major scientific discovery, and the project is now rising to grab the peak of success.

This is the oldest cosmic body that is being studied. Before this project, scientists could barely imagine the shape of the asteroid and other detailed information about that. The blurred image which happened to be the very first one to be sent by the spacecraft gave a perception to the scientists that the asteroid was a kind of pea-shaped. This New Year the spacecraft happened to be the icebreaker and gave the world a clear and vivid idea about the Ultima Thule.

This is expected that astronomical history has to record many wonders this year. The pea shape is now no more relevant, and ultimately the scientists have been to the conclusion that the shape of the Ultima Thule is like that of a snowman. The picture has been taken with a resolution of 140 meters per pixel and is taken from a distance of 17,000 miles.

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