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NASA’s Curiosity rover, during its operational period, has provided much important information about Mars. All the data was kept under lock, but now NASA has informed that the agency will soon announce all that hidden information provided by the Curiosity.

As per the sources, NASA will reveal all those information in a press conference which will be held on Thursday at 9 am. This will be a live press conference, and the entire discussion will broadcast on the NASA’s official website.

The Curiosity rover is designed to study the Gale Crater on Mars, and it is a part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission (MSL). The vehicle was landed on Mars in August 2012. It has given amazing images of the planets in 2018, around 224,000 images. It is expected that the Curiosity rover has detected some traces of alien life.

The images sent by the Curiosity consist an amazing panorama view which was taken from the Vera Rubin Ridge and covered around 30 miles. As per the information, the rover has completed around 28 miles since it landed on the planet. The rover is now moving around the Perseverance Valley. NASA’s scientists have claimed that the valley was developed by moving liquid.

In September 2017, the Curiosity discovered some traces which suggested that many years ago life had existed on the planet. It detected boron, which is one of the most important factors for life. It gave a major boost in the search mission for extraterrestrials life. Based on the evidence, it can be suggested that a disaster has turned Mars into an arctic desert and destroyed the living creatures.

It is still unknown that what will be the reaction of people after the announcement. Because, in 2016, some rumors informed that NASA had discovered alien life on Jupiter’s moon. But later it came to know that nothing much was there.


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