NASA, Mars, blue dune

NASA recently unveiled an attractive image of a blue shaded tune on the red planet Mars.

NASA said in a statement earlier this week, the snap captured by Mars Reconcense Orbiter on January 24, 2018, shows the collection of semi-sized sand tunes in the area of Leoot Crater. A stranger with a more complex structure, with a big tune, just south of the group of tunes, who makes it “turquoise blue in extended color” in the words of the blue, or NASA.

NASA, Mars, blue duneThe U.S. The space agency said that special tune “is made of better material and/or has a different structure than the surrounding.”

Massive dust storm is being experienced by Mars, which threatens NASA’s Martin operations. NASA’s Opportunity Rover, which has been on Mars for nearly 15 years, is going in sleep mode. However, according to a report by Fox News, the CuriosityNASA, Mars, blue dune rover has not yet been affected.



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