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Astronaut Peggy Whitson said in a statement that even the private companies had dominated the space travel industry; NASA still has the power to teach them as it has the only power to allow them for the real in-depth space exploration to these commercial providers.

When any future mission is discussed then the first names that come to everyone’s mind is that of private companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic. As the latest development, On Thursday, the Trump administration has released a set of strict guidelines to reform the US policy for all the private space endeavors.

The US astronaut Peggy Whitson said to the media by promoting “One Strange Rock” which is said to be the series about the complexity of human life on Earth. In an interview with CNBC, Peggy said that another journey to the moon was good before eyeing Mars. When you aim for some farther and riskier journey, you should first aim for the near objects so that you can learn from them and it can be utilized in the farther planet journey, as said by Peggy.

Whitson said, “Going to the moon first is smart, just like we’re learning about how long duration in space is smart.” Shae has spent many days in the orbit, and due to this her colleagues called her as “American Space Ninja.”

As per Whitson, NASA was critically testing theories and also laying the blueprint that SpaceX and others private agencies should follow when they try to send humans to Mars. She said,”We need to test new techniques and make sure they’re going to work.”

This means Elon Musk’s SpaceX Company may ready to send the rocket to Mars as soon as next year, but they will still need NASA to set the stage for the exploration and colonization on other planets.

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