Farthest object, NASA, New Horizons
Image Source: Azernews

The spacecraft of NASA flew to the most distant world ever studied in mankind which is a relic of the earlier solar system that could not ever explain the formation of planets. The spacecraft was scheduled to capture more than over 900 pictures of the place in some seconds as it flew at a distance. Thus, this New Year NASA made the records of flying the farthest and most probably the oldest cosmic body ever explored in mankind.

This is a tiny place at quite far distance from earth which is known as Ultima Thule. This was done with the hope of collecting more information about the place and knowing more about how the planets were created and were shaped. The lead scientist happened to be in the crowd with small kids based in the costumes of the space craft’s and astronauts blowing the party horns and cheering the project at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory to make the moment cheerful at about 12:33 am.

This was the time when the spacecraft had all its cameras focused in quite a dark and frigid region known as Kuiper Belt. The scientists happened to have a look of the ancient rock of planets which was even beyond Pluto and is the farthest place that is visited by the world in a close up yet.

The video shooting then was quite an impossible task as the signals from earth take a good duration of about six hours to reach the spacecraft. Zipping at a speed of 32,000 miles per hour, the spacecraft is aiming at capturing the closest picture of the Ultima Thule within 2200 miles of the surface. According to the Queer guitarist Brian May, this is a historical night that no one will ever be able to forget.


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