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In a discovery, scientists have discovered a new magnetic phenomenon which is taking place outside of earth surface. A new study which was published in the journal Nature says that NASA has discovered this strange magnetic field with the help of its four NASA spacecraft.

The spacecraft which are the part of the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission has four spacecraft which are flying near earth surface to study the phenomenon that occurs in the near surface. They are designed to study the magnetic reconnection which is occurring throughout the universe in the magnetic fields.

According to the Michael Shay who is from the University of Delaware and also the author of the study, said to Newsweek,” An explosion of TNT is a release of chemical energy. An atomic bomb is a release of nuclear energy. Magnetic reconnection is a ‘magnetic explosion’—that is, a sudden release of magnetic energy, Magnetic reconnection causes these explosions in many regions in space. Solar flares on the sun, for example, are caused by magnetic reconnection. Large aurorae on the Earth are due to energetic particles created by magnetic reconnection.”

A Physicist who is from Imperial College London named Jonathan Eastwood, another author of the study said, “Although we think of space as empty, it’s not! It’s filled with particles and fields, so-called ‘space plasmas.’ When reconnection releases energy, it creates hot jets of plasma.” Plasma is said to be a super-hot form of gas which is one of the four fundamental states of matter.

This discovery is marked as a surprise discovery as for the first time, the process of magnetic reconnection has been observed in a turbulent region of the Earth’s outer atmosphere which is known as magnetosheath. This act as the first line of defense against the barrage of hot and charged particles which are produced by the sun and they are known as Solar wind.

These latest findings help in providing the insights of the work of this magnetic phenomenon which will be affecting the Earth’s atmosphere along with astronauts in space, satellites, electrical power industries, GPS system and radio communications. This magnetic reconnection is known as electron magnetic reconnection which works differently in the less turbulent regions of the Earth’s magnetosphere which is the region that surrounds magnetic fields present around our planet Earth.


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