NASA Space Lasers To Reveal New Depths About Planet Ice Loss
Image Source: Malay Mail

NASA is now all set to launch its most advanced space laser ever on Saturday. The name of the satellite is ICESat which is a 1 billion dollar mission to reveal the depths of the Earth’s melting ice which is known as the climate warms. This half-ton satellite which is said to be about the size of the smart-car which is scheduled to get blast off atop a Delta II rocket which is on September 15thh 2018 which is fro, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The 40-minute launch window will get open at 5:46 AM local time.

The mission which is said to be exceptionally important for science, as said by the Richard Slonaker, ICESat-2 program executive at NASA, as said by the reporters which are ahead of the launch. This is said to be important as NASA is now going to measure the ice sheet surface elevation which is spread across the globe. This mission which was known as ICESat was launched in the year 2003 and have ended in the year 2009. The scientist has learned that the sea was getting thinning as well as the ice cover also getting shrink from the coastal areas in Greenland as well as Antarctica.

In the last nine years, there was an aircraft mission which is known as Operation IceBridge which has now flown over the Arctic as well as the Antarctic. It takes height in measurement as well as it document about the changing forms of ice, as said by NASA. This new mission ICESat 2 can able to help the scientist to understand the melting o the ice sheets which have contributed to all kind of sea level rise. It has got two lasers which can able to fire about 10,000 times in just one second.

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