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NASA’s Curiosity Rover has done a discovery on the surface of Mars by finding an organic particle. This organic particle is said to be the fundamental organic molecules for life, and NASA announced this discovery at a press conference which was held at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Goddard Md. and in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. This discovery has out new form of excitement among the scientists who are involved in research at Red Planet.

According to the NASA, they said that they had found the organic molecules in rocks which are present on the surface of Mars. These rocks can be from the ancient lake bed, and these type of rocks may be as old as billions of years, and it was explained by Jen Eigenbrode, and another research scientist at Goddard as a variety of molecules are identified in this discovery.

The discovery includes a rock which was drilled by Rover during the year 2014 and 2015. These two rock samples come from the sites which are named as Confidence Hills and Mojave, and they are present at the bottom of Gale Center. The powder which was collected from the rocks are put into analysis on the rover itself, and this is known as SAM. It can determine that the material from which these things are made up of, and the results that the SAM has to interpret have got may extraneous signals. The scientist who is there at the Goddard Space Flight Center has said that they have already spent five years to figure out the signals which are junk and they tried to remove it.

As said by Eigenbroade, there are 3 possibilities and it includes a meteorite which may have hit the Mars as they are common, the next is it may due to the rock process which is occurring since millions of days, and the last is it may be from the bottom of lake as the planet is warmer and wetter in past.

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