NASA officially announced bold 3-part plan to send humans to moon and Mars
Image Source: The Science News Reporter

As per the latest development, it has been seen that NASA has the plan to a new level. NASA is trying to send the human to Moon in 10 years as well to the Mars in 20 years. On Wednesday, the space agency has announced about the detailed National Space Exploration Plan to achieve the President’s lofty goals that all set out in December 2017 Space Policy Directive-1.

These types of plans include the planning of the new Moon landing, which is a long-term human deployment that will be on and around the Moon. The reassertion of America’s leadership in space that can strengthen the private space companies. It can also figure out to get the American astronauts to the surface of the Mars.

It has been seen that there is a lot of unknown built that is present in this plan. This is not the least in which they cannot figure out by the scientists to keep the astronauts safe from the other hazards present in space. These smarties who all present at NASA has taken to the account that they can detail about it without expected timelines. This will be done by completing each goal in the 21-page report which is from Earth orbit (LEO) to cislunar space and then to the Mars.

It is said that NASA has set the timelines for this missions. NASA is expecting now to reach these key milestones or the goals which include dates which are said by the NASA that expects it without certain parts of the plan. It is a very important part as from this NASA can able to incorporate the lesson that it learns the way. Reports say that NASA is waiting for the Mars 2020 mission before going on this project.

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