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NASA will be continuing its joint flights which are signed by both the sides. More likely, NASA had aimed to return into space long back in 2017. According to a media report, NASA which is a US space agency has announced its extended agreement with Russia. But, it’s not officially signed yet.

Soon NASA will be allowing its astronauts to fly the Russian Soyuz vehicles until the US commercial vehicles arrive.  Bill Gerstenmaier along with senior NASA leaders has stated that the US crew members will be riding the Soyuz vehicles and so as the Russian’s will be shifted to US crew vehicles.

The reputed post of associate administrator for NASA helped Gerstenmaierto influence the prominent use of ISS (International Space Station). According to the source, NASA has signed an agreement with Russia so that the crew members can fly Soyuz at least in the coming year of 2019.

Moreover, the names of the crew members have also been announced.  Anne McClain, Christina Koch, and Nick Hague are the experienced astronauts who have returned to the earth after many flying’s.  As both of the astronauts are Americans, Hague will count it as his second trip whereas it will be the first time for Koch.

NASA has already retired the space shuttle program long back in 2011, and since then they have relied on the Russian crew vehicles to go to ISS. AS Russia became the sole provider for NASA, the arrangement has aptly gone off without any hitch. NASA and its two other commercial crew vehicle providers, SpaceX and Boeing, are now very close to bringing new vehicles for the crews online.

In this year of August, NASA has already announced the names of the astronauts who are going to fly the first certification flights. The astronauts will be flying for SpaceX’s Dragon and Boeing’s Starliner. In conclusion, it has been added that the US and Russian vehicles will explicitly provide redundancy regarding crew transportation.  


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