NASA, Spacewalk

Two NASA astronauts who are present aboard in the International Space Station are all ready for their spacewalk. The spacewalk is scheduled on May 16th, Wednesday and the reason for spacewalk is to swap out the thermal control gear which circulates ammonia to keep the space station systems cool.

Two flight engineers of NASA Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel have rechecked all the tools and the procedures that they required in the spacewalk. The duo of the Expedition 55 crew also worked on the biomedical operations, Cygnus communications gear and radiation checks. They will spacewalk for about 6.5 hours in which they will swap a pair of thermal control devices which is known as Pump Flow Subassemblies.

The spacewalkers will set their foot on the space after setting their spacesuit batteries to internal power on Wednesday at about 8:10 AM EDT. The moment they go for a spacewalk, they will signal the official start of the 210th spacewalk in the space station history. NASA TV will live broadcast this event at 6:30 AM.

According to the NASA, the MFCS is an important thing that is present in the station for the cooling system, and it helps in regulating the ammonia which flows through it. The plan by the NASA is to place that thing in one place, then the support team present in the Earth will use the robotic arms on which are present in the station to install it completely. The old PFCS will then moved to the spare parts platform from where this new PCFS have taken from. They will also add a new camera and a communication receiver in the Destiny Laboratory.

The orbital ATK is sending its Cygnus freighter for launch on Sunday at 5:04 AM to deliver supplies, science, and hardware to the Expedition 55 crew.


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