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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Peggy Whitson has described that the problems she faced during the 665 days of mission in which she has stayed in space. She has been working in the International Space Station, and she loved her unique job of installing the parts of batteries on the solar panels of the space station by collecting the samples of the peculiar space microbes and other things. But when she started to talk about the sanitary issue, she got the tear in her eyes.

As per the NASA, Whitson has already spent more days in space and the number of days she has spent in the space was more than any other American. She came back to Earth and her both feet on the ground has touched a week ago, and that is on May 22nd, 2018. She called her stay in the ISS as like a camping trip than a hotel stay. The toilet which is built on the ISS is a Russian built system which cost about $19,000, and it is not of the first class facility.

The toilets that are installed in the ISS have the feature of turning human pee into the water. Astronauts usually use a funnel which is equipped with the fan, and it suctions the urine to avoid floating away. To turn the urine into potable water, it takes about a week, and then astronauts again use that like water.

Whitson said that, if you go for other than urine then it is going to be more difficult. It is very challenging, and you are trying to hit a pretty small target. The residents had to target little plate sized hole which is present on top of the silver can and then the fan sucks the excrement away. After the astronaut’s poop, the poops get sealed in a plastic bag and await the next space trash day to dispose of it.


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