Nagaland State Lottery Result 8PM: Nagaland Dear Vulture Lottery Result of 13.9.2019
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Good morning participants and thanks for checking Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery Result from this website. There are a few minutes left in announcing the Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery Result of 12.9.2019 and we hope that you luck number will get emerged in today’s Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery, our best wishes are with you and, if you haven’t purchased today’s lottery ticket then go and buy today’s lottery ticket as very few minutes are left for today’s Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result and these lottery programs can really change your entire living standard as if you win this lottery you will be going to receive a huge amount of cash prize through which you can easily fulfill your dreams and desires.

Lottery Sambad Today Results 11:55 AM

Some people do not feel safe while taking participation as they think they will lose their money but we would like to tell them that these lottery programs are secure and safe as these lotteries are conducted and managed by the Nagaland state government. Participants can check the Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery Result Today at 11:55 AM and full and complete result will be published at 12:30 PM. You do not have to take tension of the lottery result, you just have to take participation, as we assure you that you will definitely be going to find Nagaland Dear Kind Morning Lottery Result here at this website but if you have still any doubts regarding today’s lottery result then you can also check the same lottery result at the Nagaland official lottery website as here the result is directly published by the Nagaland state government.

Nagaland Morning Lottery Result 11.55AM

Apart from the first prize of Rs. 25.30 Lakhs Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery also offering the first prize of Rs. 1,000. The second and third winner of Nagaland Lottery will grab Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 500. The fourth and fifth winner of the lottery will receive Rs. 250 and Rs. 120 respectively. Check out the complete Nagaland State Dear Kind Morning Lottery Result at 11:55 AM of 12.9.2019, along with the winning prize below.

1st Prize: Rs. 25.30 Lakhs

Consolation Prize: Rs. 1,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 9,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 500/-

4th Prize: Rs. 250/-

5th Prize: Rs. 120/-

Nagaland Dear Lottery Result Today

People from all around the Nagaland state, who have taken participation in today’s Nagaland State Dear Kind Morning Lottery of 12.9.2019, can check the lottery result at 11:55 AM and complete result at 12:30 PM. We advise all the winners to keep your winning lottery ticket safe as it is the only thing that can help you in claiming your reward. Stay tuned with us for more information and the latest Nagaland Morning Lottery Result.


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