Nagaland State Lottery Result At 11.55AM of 11.9.2019: Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result
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Hello, participation, welcome back to our website and thanks for visiting our website. We are back with Nagaland Dear Morning Weekly Lottery Result of 11 September 2019. We hope for the best for you and we also hope that your lucky lottery ticket number will get emerge in today Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result, and if you have not purchased today’s Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery ticket then you should buy at least one lottery ticket as it can really, change your daily lifestyle as the winning cash prize of Nagaland state lottery is of Rs. 26 Lakhs and with this amount anyone can enhance their living standard. So hurry up guys and try your luck in today’s lottery programs.

Dear Lottery Result At 11:55 AM

There are so many people who take participation in Nagaland state lottery as there is no fear of losing your bet money as these lottery programs are organized by the Nagaland state government. There are many people who ask why the government organize these lottery programs so we are here to tell them that there are several benefits of conducting these lottery programs and one of the chief benefits of conducting these lotteries is that these lotteries help Nagaland state government in collecting revenue form their citizens and another benefit from the point of view of people is that people do not have to spend a huge amount of money but if they win they will receive a huge amount of cash prize.

These lottery programs help the Nagaland government plus help citizens of Nagaland. The remaining profit is used by the government in improving the infrastructure of the city. And people have a huge amount of fate in these lottery programs as they don’t have to work hard and extra for more income as in participation they have to invest a very small amount.

Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result Today 11.55 AM

Nagaland Dear Faithful Lottery is offering you a mega cash prize of Rs. 25.31 Lakhs along with a consolation prize of Rs. 1,000. The second and third winner of the lottery will grasp Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 500. The fourth and fifth winner of the lottery will grab Rs. 250 and Rs. 120 respectively. Check out the complete Nagaland State Dear Faithful Morning Lottery Result at 11.55 AM of 11.9.2019, along with the winning prize below.

First Prize: Rs 25.31 Lakh

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 9000/-

Third Prize: Rs 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

Nagaland Lotteries

Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Result of 9 September 2019, will be announced at 8 PM and complete result at 11.55 AM. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to Nagaland Dear Faithful Morning Lottery Result.


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