Nagaland State Lottery: Dear Loving Morning Lottery Result Declared at 11:55 AM
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Hey guys! Welcome to the latest update over Nagaland State Lottery. You might be waiting for the result of the Nagaland State Lottery Result, which we’ll be posting here. The Nagaland State Lottery makes a draw of three lotteries every day named Morning, Day and Evening which are likely to be declared at 11:55AM, 4PM and 8PM. So if you’ve not clinched the winning ticket in the morning draw then you’ll surely gonna win it in day or evening. So keep trying your luck.

Nagaland State Lottery Result for 23-09-2019 is listed here with all the price details, winning numbers, and consolation prize ticket numbers. Nagaland State Lottery occurs at P.R. Hill Junction, Kohima so the participants who won the lotteries can collection their prices from there or can also connect any bank for wire transfer if the price is beyond Rs. 5,000.

Today’s Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Results will get disclosed at 11:55 AM at the official sites of the Nagaland Lotteries and will also be updated here instantly. As per an estimate around 108 lacs of lottery tickets are getting sold every day in Nagaland which reflects the reason behind a huge population of Nagaland rushing towards Lotto every day.

Nagaland Dear Loving Morning Results:

First Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 25.25 lacs
Winner: updating…

Second Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 9,000
Winner: updating…

Third Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 500
Winner: updating…

Fourth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 250
Winner: updating…

Fifth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 120
Winner: updating…

Consolation Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 1,000
Winner: updating…

You might be knowing that winning the top price of this state Lotto can change your life as well. The first winner will get a price of Rs. 25.25 lacs which can be redeemed in wire transfer within 30 days of the conduction of the lottery.

It’s not bad to try out your luck with Rs. 6 each day for a single lottery, who knows when you’ll be lucky to win the first price. A single ticket costs only Rs. 6 which could even make you lacs of rupees in a single go.

Your eager for the result of Nagaland Lottery Result is highly immersive and your patience is highly appreciated. Once the site will declare the result we’ll update it here on our website instantly. So stay tuned with us for each segment of result updation. Keep participating in lotteries and just drop a comment below for any kind of queries.

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