Nagaland Lottery Result, Dear Vulture Lottery Result
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Thank you, participants, for visiting our website here you will definitely, going to see the updated result of Nagaland Dear Vulture Evening of 12 July 2019, and it is going to announce within a few minutes. So all participants get ready for completing your dreams because there is a big chance that you will be going to become rich in a day as our best wishes are with you. The main motive of conducting lotteries programs is to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Nagaland state. The lottery is so famous in the state itself as a huge number of people take participation in the lottery scheme to win a bumper cash prize. It is a great investment scheme that gives gigantic returns just by investing a small amount of money.

Our best wishes are with and we hope your lottery number for Nagaland Dear Vulture Evening Lottery will get emerge. But you have to wait a little bit as Nagaland lottery result will going to announce at 8:00 PM and you can see the complete result at 8:30 PM. You can check the complete results here at The News Recorder as on this webpage you can find the updated results. The lottery is completely safe and easy to play as we all know that all lottery schemes are conducted by the state government.

Nagaland Dear Vulture Evening Lottery is offering you a bumper prize of Rs. 26 Lakhs for the first winner. The consolation prize of the lottery is of Rs. 1,000. The second and third winner will be rewarded with Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 500. The fourth and fifth winner will be received Rs. 250 and Rs. 120 respectively.

Check out the Nagaland Dear Vulture Evening Lottery Result Today of 12.7.2019, along with the prize money below:

First Prize: Rs 25.01 Lakh

Consolation Prize: Rs 1,000/-

Second Prize: Rs 9000/-

Third Prize: Rs 500/-

Fourth Prize: Rs 250/-

Fifth Prize: Rs 120/-

Final Words

The Nagaland Dear Vulture Evening Results will be updated here at 8:00 PM and you can check the complete results at 8:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the complete updated results. We advise all the aspirants to purchase a lottery ticket from an authorized dealer. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to Nagaland Lottery. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you like the information we have provided. Stay tuned with us for more information related to the latest updated result of Nagaland Lottery Result.


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