Nagaland State Dear Falcon Evening Lottery Results


  • Nagaland state lottery is conducted by the State Government of Nagaland
  • Nagaland Dear Falcon Evening Lottery results will be declared at 08:00 PM
  • The first prize in the lottery is Rs. 26.03 lac

Hey readers! Welcome to the result update of Nagaland State Lottery. We are happy to announce today’s Nagaland Dear Falcon Evening Lottery Results here with you. Alike the Kerala Lotteries, Nagaland state government has also authorized a lottery system in the state. The Nagaland lottery is released 3 times in a day and that too seven days in a week. Among all the Nagaland lotteries, this Dear Falcon Evening is one of the popular as it serves a price of Rs. 26.03 lac over a ticket price of Rs. 6 only. As the ticket price is quite less hence it comes in each affordability of plenty of people.

The state lottery result for Nagaland Dear Falcon is scheduled to happen on every Thursday at 08:00 PM which can be checked at the official website the state lotteries i.e. and can also be checked here with us at The News Recorder. The three lotteries of the Nagaland State is known as Morning Lottery, Day lottery and the evening lottery. The morning one is scheduled to be announced at 11:30 AM followed by the day one at 4:00 PM and the last one at 8:00 PM.

The Nagaland lottery is conducted at the Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries, P.R. Hill Junction, Kohima 797001. The officials also make it live on their official YouTube channel along with their official website.

Nagaland Dear Falcon Evening Lottery Result:

First Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 26.03 lacs
Winner: updating…

Second Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 9,000
Winner: updating…

Third Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 500
Winner: updating…

Fourth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 250
Winner: updating…

Fifth Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 120
Winner: updating…

Consolation Prize Winner:

Price: Rs. 1,000
Winner: updating…

The names of the evening, day and morning lotteries are subject to change every day to make a difference for the entire week. The result timings for the lotteries are the same i.e., 11:30 AM.  The names are as follows:

Nagaland Evening Lotteries:

  1. Nagaland Monday Evening Lottery: Dear Flamingo Evening (Prize: Rs. 26 lakh)
  2. Nagaland Tuesday Evening Lottery: Dear Parrot Evening (Prize: Rs. 26.01 lakh)
  3. Nagaland Wednesday Evening Lottery: Dear Eagle Evening (Prize: Rs. 26.02 lakh)
  4. Nagaland Thursday Evening Lottery: Dear Falcon Evening (Prize: Rs. 26.03 lakh)
  5. Nagaland Friday Evening Lottery: Dear Vulture Evening (Prize: Rs. 26.04 lakh)
  6. Nagaland Saturday Evening Lottery: Dear Ostrich Evening (Prize: Rs. 26.05 lakh)
  7. Nagaland Sunday Evening Lottery: Dear Hawk Evening (Prize: Rs. 26.06 lakh)

A report suggests that a total of 4.40 crore lottery tickets are being sold each day in Nagaland itself. The rules say that one ticket is eligible for one prize money only. The winners are advised to match their ticket number with the winning ticket number we have updates here and then they can claim their winning amount within 30 days of the announcement of the result.

Barkha Rawat is the lead author on The News Recorder for the section of Finance & Business. Barkha belongs from a commerce background and has worked for various print media brands like Amar Ujala and more. Barkha intends to seek more and more knowledge of Indian financial and economical updates.


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