Kerala Karunya KR-386 Lottery Today Results 09-03-2019
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Nagaland Lottery Dear Parrot Evening Results: 5 March 2019 will be lucky for all those aspirants who are having lottery tickets for today’s Dear Parrot Lottery. The Nagaland lottery department will announce the result of the lottery by 8 PM, and you can check the complete result by 9 PM. We advise to all the aspirants; please keep your ticket safe as it is the most important thing for results and for claiming the winning Prize. The Nagaland state government conduct many lotteries as it helps the government to collect revenue and citizens to change their standard of living.

Many people try their luck in the Nagaland lotteries schemes as it is the biggest cash flow of the state. The lottery is the easiest way to become rich overnight within the spend of a dirt cheap amount. The seven weekly lottery draws consists of Dear Eagle Evening, Dear Flamingo Evening, Dear Falcon Evening, Dear Hawk Evening, Dear Vulture Evening and Dear Ostrich Evening.

You can also check the results here at The News Recorder as we provide results authentically as soon as it comes out. You can also refer the government website of Nagaland lottery department. For all those who are unaware Nagaland legalized the lottery in its state as the lottery is beneficial for both government and citizens as well. Nagaland is one of those 13 states legalized and organized the lottery in their state.

Live Nagaland Lottery Dear Parrot Evening Results 5 March 2019:

Check out the Nagaland Lottery Dear Parrot Evening Results Today along with the prize money below.

First Prize: Rs. 26.01 Lakhs


Consolation Prize: Rs. 1,000/-


Second Prize: Rs. 9,000/-


Third Prize: Rs. 500/-


Fourth Prize: Rs. 250/-


Fifth Prize: Rs. 120/-


Note: The Nagaland Lottery today’s results will be updated at 8 PM, and you can check the complete result by 8:30 PM. Please refresh this website to check the updated results.


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