Naagin Season 3 18th November 2018 Episode Written Update

In our all-time favourite TV show ‘Naagin season 3’ we have seen a huge fight between the vultures and the snakes. Bela gets to know the big secret of Viyom and his family that they are the vultures in reality who have been attacking who have been attacking them. The 18th November 2018 episode will take us back to a flashback in which Juhi, Bela’s sister, was trapped and cheated by a vulture named Keshav, who was a brother of Viyom. Sounds interesting right?

Naagin Season 3 18th November 2018 episode is full of twists and surprises with nail-biting scenes and suspense. In the last episode, we have seen Viyom is supporting his family in order to get the revenge of his brother’s death by Bela’s hands. Today’s episode is even more interesting as it features a massive battle between the snakes and the vultures. It will be very interesting to see who will win in the fierce battle between the vultures and the snakes.

As we know Bela isn’t a weak character, she will never let vultures win. Vultures set Mahir as their next target in their mission to ruin Bela’s life. Vultures know how madly Bela loves Mahir and that she can do anything to protect him. In Today’s episode, Viyom’s sister will be featured lying on the bed next to Bela’s love, Mahir. Obviously, just like any other girl, Bela gets really upset and angry seeing Viyom’s sister lying next to Mahir while Viyom’s sister tells Bela that it will not take her so long to kill Mahir. The furious Bela turns into a giant snake to attack Viyom’s sister while Viyom’s sister turns into a vulture to attack Bela. During the fight between Bela and Viyom’s sister, Mahir was sleeping and remain unaware of everything.

It will be quite interesting to see how Mahir will react when he will get to know about this. Will vulture create any big problem in the love story of Bela and Mahir. Let’s see if Bela gets successful in defeating her enemies, vultures, while keeping her secret all safe from the love of her life, Mahir. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest update.


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