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In the earlier episode of Naagin 3 we saw that a lot of twists came in the show as Sumitra is the villain and she shows her worst face in the show. When Vish and Vikrant were taking the naagmata along them then Sumitra comes there with goons and her son Yuvi. Yuvi holds Bela and Sumitra ask goons to hold Vikrant and Nagmata. Vikrant says you are not doing good. She asks to tell where is Naagmani but Bela says I won’t tell you. They starts hurting Vikrant and Sumitra says you loved him once and now he is in pain so you should tell me about Nagmani, Bela says I will tell you about Nagmani but please don’t hurt him.

In the latest Naagin 3  12th January 2019 written episode spoilers, Vikrant asks Bela not to tell anything to Sumitra. Bela cries. Vishakha was also tensed and Yuvi says I will kill you Vikrant then she gets angry and Yuvi pushes her to the ground. Vikrant comes and starts beating him. Sumitra asks Yuvi to push both of them. We are seeing that a major change has been in the story of the show and whole plot is changed now. Vikrant and Vish both fall from the hill and Bela gets so angry. Sumitra says that she killed her own blood and she can do anything. Bela asks to relieve her mother as she has not done anything. Sumitra asks Nagmata to run but then she fires a bullet on her leg.

Bela says you have not done right and I will kill you all. Sumitra asks her to tell where is Naagmani. Bela says her mother is hurt and please leave her. Bela is so upset and shouts the name of Mahir. Mahir also gets up. Mahir will come to them and there will be huge suspense will be revealed as Mahir is not what he shows and he is the trump card which will be played on the right time. Bela is not dead and she will be coming back to take the revenge and the story will be linked to Naagin 2. We are so keen to remain updated with all the Naagin 3 latest spoilers and we know you are too so we come with all the hot news about the TV Shows of Colors. For more updates of Naagin 3 written episode stay tuned with us.


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