Naagin 3 Written Updates 26th January 2019: Vish's Life In Danger!
Image Source: Times of India

This weekend, the viewers will get to see the more evil avatar of Sumitra. The most loving and highest TRP show of Colors Naagin 3 is generating buzz as there is so much happening in the show. In tonight’s episode of the show, Sumitra troubles Kuhu and Andy. She even throws out Kuhu, Andy and Mahir out of the house. Meanwhile, Shivli comes there and sees that Sumitra is throwing out him from her house. Shivli tries to console Mahir by offering him to stay with her at her home.

Mahir gets happy to see Shivli and thanks her, he tells Shivli about how badly Sumitra had treated them three. Mahir tells Shivli that Sumitra has also made Andy and Kuhu homeless. Shivli boosts Mahir’s confidence by saying that she is here and now everything will get in control soon after which Mahir’s gets very happy. Shivli turns into Bela’s avatar and hugs Mahir.

Naagin 3 26th January 2016 episode is a perfect treat for all the Bela-Mahir fans as it features romance scenes with the two. Both Mahir and Bela hug each other and enjoy their romantic moment. On the other hand, Vish’s life is in danger! Vish comes to Sumitra and asks her where she hid Mahir? In response Sumitra says to Vish, forget about Mahir and you better care about yourself. Sumitra warns Vish to mind her own business without troubling her or it will harm Vish.

Vish says to Sumitra that you can’t do anything wrong with me and turns into a snake (naagin) but Sumitra comes up with another evil strategy and throws a stone apple on Vish due to which Vish becomes powerless. This makes Vish unable to turns into a snake. Sumitra and Yuvi attack powerless Vish and get her under their control. The evil duo Sumitra and Yuvi even try to Kill Vish. Will Sumitra and Yuvi kill Vish? Will Vish manage to save herself from Sumitra and Yuvi? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite Colors TV show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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