Naagin 3 Written Updates 10th February 2019: Bella To Choose Between Vish & MahirNaagin 3 Written Updates 10th February 2019: Bella To Choose Between Vish & Mahir
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In Naagin 3 10th February 2019 episode, troubles with hit Bella hard once again. Let’s talk about all the problems that will trouble Bella in the latest episode of the show. Bella tries to find Mahir in the jungle, she looks everywhere in the jungle. But she fails to find Mahir anywhere in the jungle. Bella gets very upset as her love Mahir is missing. After searching for Mahir more, she finally finds him, but Mahir will shock Bella with his words.

Bella thinks that Mahir is going to hate her because Mahir’s memory has returned and that now he knows everything that happened in the past. Bella gets worried as Mahir now knows that Bella is a snake (Naagin). But Mahir surprised her with her words. He says to Bella that he loves her very much and that he does not care if she is a Naagin. This leads Bella to an emotional breakdown, she starts crying. She says to Mahir that I know I am a Naagin and I love you so much but our relationship is not possible because I am a Naagin while you are a human.

Tonight’s episode of Naagin 3 features a romance between Mahir and Bella. Bella’s biggest fear was that Mahir will break the relationship with her after knowing her reality, but Mahir confessed his love for her and has accepted her as she is. But Bella is still worried about how Naagin and a human can live together in a relationship. Just then another problem hit Bella. Suddenly, snakes come and take Mahir with them. Bella drops a plate from which sindoor falls on the floor, this indicates to Bella that Mahir is in trouble.

Bella gets scared and she searches for Mahir again, but snakes take him with them. Bella runs to save Mahir. On the other hand, Sumitra being evil traps Vish once again. This puts Bella into a dilemma whether she should protect her BFF Vish from Sumitra or she should save Mahir from snakes. Whom Bella will choose to save — Mahir or Vish? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite Colors TV show Naagin 3 and written episodes.


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